Episode 6: Nut-Drawing Warlocks

January 26, 2018

Do you LOVE Hearthstone podcasts? Do you wish you had more to listen to, but don't know where to look? Do you find yourself without the time to keep up with what's being discussed in every cast throughout the week?

Have no fear, The Daring Reporter always gets the scoop! Join hosts Jordan (GreenSpeed) and Kurt (Alkaline) as we discuss all the important topics, cards, decks, and more that are talked about in the Hearthstone podcast universe (so meta, right?).


Episode 6 = 1/18/2017 – 1/24/2018

With no choice but to embrace an hour-and-fifteen minute long format, we recap yet another week of Hearthstone podcast goodness. We discuss the week in United Hearthstone League and strategies with Rod Johnston of the Tier 5 podcast! There’s still the most of one week left to get your iTunes reviews in to enter into our pack giveaway contest!

Podcasts mentioned in this week’s rundown (2:30 – 26:20):

Into the Wild

Coin Concede

Walk to Work

Velen’s Chosen

Hero Power

1600 Dust

Legend of the Innkeeper

Blizzlet: Hearthstone

The Salty Dog

Tier 5

Top Deck Kings

The Lightforge


The Angry Chicken

Well Met!

Off Curve

Around the Hearth

The Innkeeper Podcast

The Golden Ticket




Music credits: “Blockade,” Emancipation,” and “Operation” from The Ace Combat 4 OST

“Stained Glass” and “Forecast” by Darren Korb (Transistor OST)

“The Unnamed Frontier” by Pyro Paper Planes ft. VikingGuitar

“Worship the Endless” by FlyByNo (Endless Space 2 OST)


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