The Daring Reporter: Episode (almost) 1!

December 14, 2017

 Do you LOVE Hearthstone podcasts? Do you wish you had more to listen to, but don't know where to look? Do you find yourself without the time to keep up with what's being discussed in every cast throughout the week?

Have no fear, The Daring Reporter always gets the scoop! Join hosts Jordan (GreenSpeed) and Kurt (Alkaline) as we discuss all the important topics, cards, decks, and more that are talked about in the Hearthstone podcast universe (so meta, right?).


Episode 1 = 12/7/2017 - 12/13/2017

In our first installment, we (fail to) establish our future format, talk about new decks and metas, and discover what it's like to talk while being recorded. Stay tuned for smooth sailing moving forward!

Card of the week: Corridor Creeper. (also meta establishing)

Decks making a splash: Spell hunter, Tempo paladin, Zoolock, Tempo Rogue, Tempo Mage

Which class got good/best cards? Priest! (Psychic Scream/Twilight Acolyte/Duskbreaker/Lesser Diamond Spellstone) They win.

Card Jordan messed up: Possessed Lackey (not Kabal Lackey)

Our deck of the week: No-quest Exodia (OTK) Mage

Competitions/Giveaways: "Tier 5 card" giveaway / Salty Dog Podcast Card creation / Coin Concede review

Interview Guests: Mackenseize on Velen's Chosen / Ben Redington of Dad Legend on Tier 5


Podcasts on our radar: (Also, "A Hearthstone Podcast" is understood, that may be omitted in the future)

The Angry Chicken: A Hearthstone Podcast

Walk to Work: A Mobile Hearthstone Podcast

Coin Concede: A Hearthstone Podcast

1600 Dust: A Hearthstone Podcast

The Golden Wisp: A Competitive Hearthstone Podcast

Velen's Chosen: A Hearthstone Podcast

The Happy Hearthstone

Tier 5: A Hearthstone Podcast

Well Met!: A Hearthstone Podcast

Top Deck Kings: A Hearthstone Podcast

Salty Dog Podcast

The Lightforge: A Hearthstone Podcast

The Hearthzone: A Hearthstone Podcast


Value Town - A Hearthstone Podcast

Blizzlet: Hearthstone

Off Curve: Driving Hearthstone Discussion

Brewmasters: A Hearthstone Podcast

Hero Power: A Hearthstone Podcast

Around the Hearth: A Hearthstone Podcast


Thanks for listening, contact us with feedback / suggestions!

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